E. Smith

E. Smith

Emily Smith, News Writer

Everyone says that the end of the year is the most relaxing thing ever and that it will be a breeze. You are done with your lessons; all you have to worry about is the one or two tests left. To students, the statement that the end of the year is a breeze is true, but the statement that the end of the year is the most relaxing is flawed. The end of the year is the most stressful because you have all of these tests, and, on top of that, there is classwork piled onto that.

Another thing that adds to the stress is that after the EOCs you still have to either finish the unit or start another. I mean, some parents think that all we do now that the year is basically over is watch movies, which is half true, but that is only because some of the teachers have nothing else to teach, so they throw on a movie about all they have learned. Other teachers give out tests to complete.

The last thing that gives most student stress are finals. Finals are the one thing that everyone dreads because it all depends on your attendance and grades. I mean, students try to make it their life’s mission to make sure they do not miss that many school days which often leads to them coming to school sick.

Other than those things, the end of the year is great. You get to go on fieldtrips, hang out with your friends before they go on trips, and so many other things, so even though the statements I mentioned at the beginning were false, there are a lot of good things to come out of the end of the year. I hope everyone is able to enjoy their last month at school. Remember only 13 more days left till you are able to stay in bed all day.