E. Smith

E. Smith

Emily Smith, News Writer

What is FBLA? FBLA or Future Business Leaders of America is a student organization that allows students to stand above everyone around them in their respective role and their mission is to balance academic rigor and freedom and to prepare our students to enter the world. FBLA was founded in 1940 by Hamden L. Forkner. The Future Business Leaders of America hopes to inspire the students in the club to lead others on the path to success. This week, the FBLA organization at Heritage will be hosting a week full of fun for everyone.

Tuesday is T-Shirt Day. This is where students will be able to wear their FBLA shirts. Wednesday is Office and Support Staff Appreciation Day where students will be able to give appreciation to the lesser known administrators to show them how much we appreciate what they are able to do for the school. Thursday is Community Service Day, and last but not least, Heritage is hosting a Fun Facts Friday. Fun Facts Friday is where you are able to learn more about this student organization.

If you are interested in joining all of the FBLA fun, then you can grab a form from Mrs. Ware or Mr. Craft and then pay $15.00 for the membership fee. You can also buy a t-shirt when you sign up to join, but you will have to pay $10. FBLA and Heritage are hoping that everyone will participate within these events going on this week.