E. Smith

E. Smith

Emily Smith, News Writer

Food is one of the things in the world humans cannot live without, but many people are very picky when it comes to their food. An example would be the way you cook it or season it. Another thing we are all picky about is the type of food. It is one of the things that distinguishes everyone, like the way they start a conversation, it’s a thing to bond over. For example, some people like Mexican food while some like Italian, but one type of food that my friends and me bond over or enjoy is Japanese, especially sushi.

Sushi, to me, is amazing and is one of the foods that I could probably eat for a week since there are so many different types and spices like there is the crunchy roll, spicy roll, etc. There are many more with different types of fish in it like tuna, shrimp, lobster, and crab. Most people either do not like sushi because of how it tastes or because it is raw fish and a lot of people just don’t like fish, which is fine. I mean I don’t really care because it is their preference, which should not be changed or disturbed due to one person or a group of people. If it is then, that is just wrong and you should either except the fact that people like different things then you do or you should not change them to try to fit in with other people.

After saying this pointless statement, I have to ask: What is your favorite food? What is your friend’s favorite?