S. Morehead

S. Morehead

Shane Morehead, Entertainment Writer

The Marvel cinematic universe jumpstarted Chris Hemsworth’s career, and typically with a role like that, it can kill his career. There is still hope, and, fortunately, it’s not “Star Trek.” He’s recently been picked as the star of an action-thriller titled “Dhaka.” Netflix is paying for it, so if you don’t subscribe to them, then you probably won’t be seeing it. This movie will be written and produced by the duo known for the most recent “Avengers” movie, Joe and Anthony Russo. There’s a lot expected of them after that massive success, but if we’re being honest, the main reason for said success is simply the amount of characters. The plot is basic, and aside from that “shock ending,” the movie didn’t do anything really original.

A big piece of news concerning it is that the current director of “Dhaka” is Sam Hargrave, a stunt double for Chris Evans and a first time director. It’s likely he was inspired to broaden his work on the set of “Atomic Blonde,” a movie where Hargrave was a stunt coordinator, and the director was a former stuntman himself. Chad Stahelski has been at the helm of “John Wick” for all three movies, and the series is regarded as one of the best in it’s genre.

The story revolves around Rake (Chris Hemsworth), a weary mercenary hired to save the son of a businessman in India. That story sounds generic, but there’s sure to be more to it that hasn’t been solidified just yet, and even if it does have a bland story, I’d still pay money to see Chris Hemsworth gracefully beating people up.