E. Smith

E. Smith

Emily Smith, News Writer

It is really hard to categorize a beautiful writer with the desire to become an author or someone who just enjoys experiencing the compelling world of writing. Writers far and wide have a calling for the dramatic challenge to create a mystical story that everyone can fancy over. Yet, they are also faced with the compelling truth that books are not for everyone. However, most student writers keep silent about their extraordinary writing. Many have a longing to express their emotion, to pour their heart out into characters, scenery, etc. But they also feel sorrowful and experience a petrifying, chilling awareness of showing their artwork to anyone.

That stops now. Heritage High School is continuing the new year with the Young Georgia Authors Competition. Student who are engaged within the world of writing are encouraged to visit Mrs. Cosby in room 1211, Mr. Peace in room 1218, or any other English teacher to obtain information for the competition. They have also been asked to join the Google Classroom, the code for which is “3woeku,” because all stories that have to be submitted to Google Classroom. Mrs. Cosby explained that, “In the past, many students seem to enjoy the fiction genre, however, last year a non-fiction piece won on the school level. Students are able to write realistic fiction, horror, fantasy, poetry, research essays; you’re even able to turn in an essay or piece of writing you did for class and are particularly proud of. There are so many things that students are able to do, even for those who are not involved in Honors or AP classes.” During Mrs. Cosby’s interview, she expressed that she would love to see more poetry and would enjoy students visiting her if they are wanting information about the Young Georgia Authors Competition and to sign up for the Google Classroom. Eli Brown was willing to share her experience: “While I haven’t gotten past the school level in YGAC, I’ve had friends win at state level. Regardless if you win, it’s always nice to share your work instead of keeping it locked up on your computer.”

The deadline for all submissions will be on Tuesday, February 12, 2019 by 4:00 p.m. This is for those students who are willing to express themselves through words and to show the emotion they have for writing. It is your time to shine! And, who knows, maybe you will end up winning the competition.