E. Smith

E. Smith

Emily Smith, News Writer

Walt Disney introduced to the big screen one of the most magical nannies known to the world, Mary Poppins. Often seen as egotistical and bad-tempered, however she calls herself “practically perfect in every way,” Mary Poppins became the replacement nanny for Mr. and Mrs. Banks’ twins, John and Barbara. Under her stern exterior, there is something supernatural about her: she is able to float in the air, talk to animals, step into pictures, etc. and is able to take the Banks children through a sequence of magical adventures. However, Mrs. Poppins also believes in good behavior, meaning rebellious conduct must be disciplined. Nonetheless, John and Barbara admire her while feeling safe with her.

From books to movies to musicals, Heritage High School is hosting our very own Mary Poppins play. Zachary Adams, who is playing the main role, Bert the Matchman, has this to say: “The main reason I aspire to be a part of the play is for the fun of it. I believe there there are two reasons someone should come to see the show. The amount of hard work not only the cast put in, but the volunteers have put in is astounding. This is the biggest play Heritage High School has taken on, and I think that shows. Another reason to come see it is, it’s generally just a good musical, and with our cast there’s a lot of talent performing it.” The whole cast is ecstatic to be able to perform this musical for everyone to see.

There will be two showings for High School students Wednesday, January 30th. The freshmen and sophomores will be able to observe the amazing performance between the times of 8:45 – 11:00. The juniors and seniors will be able to enjoy the performance between the times of 11:50 – 2:29. Because of the performance and not being able to be at school on Tuesday, we will be on a “Ground Hog Day” schedule. All classes will be 40 minutes long and we will be going to them twice. This will allow students who will be unable to see the evening performances on February 1st and 2nd to go and pay a quarter of the price. Those who are wanting to enjoy the Mary Poppins play will have to pay $3, while those who are wanting to see the evening performances will have to pay $5.

Ivan Iseman, a junior who observed the musical, stated, “The recreation of the classic Mary Poppins was very well put together, however, I expected it to be more like the movie. I can definitely say it was executed greatly by the Heritage’s students.” Jeffrey Minor, a junior with a talent for the arts, expressed, “It was magical to see the characters fly around on the stage.”  But don’t just take their word for it. I encourage everyone to go see the Heritage High School production, and I believe you will find it supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.