E. Smith

E. Smith

Emily Smith, News Writer

Chorus, a group of people who share a similar love for singing. Lee University, a private college where students learn to achieve their career goal. What do these two have in common?

A select number of Heritage High School students who auditioned were given the opportunity to experience the college life for 2 days at Lee University this Saturday, February 9th. Mrs. Hamilton, the chorus teacher, expressed why chorus is going on this trip, “This is an every year trip where kids get to go to Lee University, work with the conductors there, and perform a song they learn from the conductors.”

Mrs. Hamilton also explained that she wants her students to experience what it is like to “work with the conductors who actually work there, and to see what it is like to be at college.” Mrs. Hamilton was excited to say, “Students who are even going on the trip will be able to eat lunch in the huge cafeteria at the college along with all the people with go to college there.” Lexi Thompson, a student who auditioned for a spot on the trip, had this to say, “I think it will be a really great experience to see if Lee University or a music focused college would be right for me.”

This is an amazing opportunity for all those going. They will be able to figure out if they want to pursue a life in chorus, or if they even want to go to that college. And, I know Mrs. Hamilton is excited about all those who are going.