G. James

G. James

Grace James, Entertainment Writer

When people hear the name Jorja Smith, the majority don’t know who she is. Often compared to Sade, a popular R&B/Soul artist in the 80’s, Jorja has been working on music her whole life. She got her first big hit singles out on January 2016 and has collaborated with many well known artists such as Drake, Kali Uchis, and Stormzy. Being an artist from the United Kingdom, it can be quite difficult to get a big break in the United States. But she has made it big so far in her hometown of Walsall. Jorja has been nominated and won many Brit Awards just this year, including British Female Solo Artist and British Album for her album, “Lost and Found.” She was also nominated for a Grammy for Best New Artist. Although she didn’t win, she looked absolutely stunning in a beautiful gold gown.

Her most recent album, released in 2018, is “Lost and Found.” “Lost and Found” is a carefully constructed album that is full of songs that play on jazz. Jorja is best known for her jazzy style of music, and “Lost and Found” exemplifies her unique style. At first, she envisioned the album being a record of sad love songs, but it instead ended up being one of many complex songs of desire. One of my favorite songs by Jorja is “Teenage Fantasy”—a smokey, laid-back ballad with a haunting instrumental hook and an amazing chorus. Another song that is definitely worth giving a listen to is “Beautiful Little Fools.” One reason I like this song is for its title, which is one of Daisy Buchanan’s lines in “The Great Gatsby” (my all time favorite novel.) I also like this song because it sends out a positive message to girls: we are more than just beautiful little fools.

That being said, Jorja inspires many young girls to follow dreams, because the world is their limit. With this type of attitude, it’s evident Jorja is in for a successful career.