E. Smith

E. Smith

Emily Smith, News Writer

Grab your overalls and plant those seeds because it is FFA Week here at Heritage High School! Get ready for the week long ag-venture planned by the FFA members! Considering that the FFA members are celebrating FFA Week, it only makes since that the rest of the Heritage High School students join in on the ag-tivities.

Monday is “FFA T-Shirt Day Membership” and for all of those who are involved with FFA will be provided lunch. Tuesday is “Preppy Planter Day” meaning students will be encouraged to dress in their best preppy attire. Wednesday will be considered “Outdoor Adventure Day.” FFA will be providing s’mores during lunch, as well as, have a mock contest set up. Thursday will probably be the most praised day since it is “Dress like a Farmer and Go Out on a Lamb Day.” Students will be allowed to meet a baby lamb during lunch, this day also includes, having a Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College booth set up. Friday shall be called “Flapjacks and Flannel Day!” Breakfast will be provided for the school staff at 7:05 a.m. Students are motivated to wear a flannel for the Ag Obstacle Race, including Hay Bale Hurdles, Soil Bale Tossing, Cow Roping, and a Tater Peeling Contest.

FFA thanks everyone “for all that you have done and sincerely hope that you enjoy National FFA Week.”