S. Morehead

S. Morehead

Shane Morehead, Entertainment Writer

In an effort to diversify the General Journal’s Entertainment section by bringing in some more local news, I made a trip to Ringgold High School on the 23rd for an evening show of their musical, “Thoroughly Modern Millie.” I had never been to Ringgold High before, and I ended up having to ask a few people for directions to the theater.

Once I found my way to the right hallway, I showed my ticket (which I bought online) to the people in charge of admission, and they handed me a physical copy that I quickly shoved into my pocket, never to see it again. I walked too confidently into the theater and sat in the middle of a few strangers, where I stayed for about twenty minutes until I found some friends. I had a close friend that was playing the clarinet for the event, and I tried to make eye contact but her band director blocked my view.

Before the musical, there was a short bit calling all seniors involved in the production on stage to honor them and let them say a few things, comparable to a Senior Night for a sports team. The first score of “Thoroughly Modern Millie” set up the tone and setting well, and I appreciated that,considering that I wasn’t at all familiar with the story. That story revolves around Millie, a girl from Kansas who comes to 1922 New York with nothing but a few belongings that are stolen almost instantly. There was plenty of light-hearted humor woven into a complex plot that involves several romances, crimes, secret identities, and, obviously, music. One song was sung entirely in Chinese, with accompanying subtitles projected onto the space above the stage. The props were intricate and lifelike, and the stage crew moved them with no noticeable mishaps.

All the singing was complemented well by the music played by select members of the Ringgold High Band. “Thoroughly Modern Millie” was written well, a good choice for Ringgold, and was executed almost perfectly. The evening concluded with a standing ovation and a theater full of smiling faces.