G. James

G. James

Grace James, Entertainment Writer

Not new to the spotlight, rising pop-star Lolo Zouaï (pronounced zoo-eye) has been gracing the stage since she was 7 years old. Growing up in Paris, France for most of her life, Lolo found it hard to call NYC her home when her hit single “Highs to Lows” blew up with over 5 million streams worldwide. Lolo said in a recent interview, “I see the world as my home. I don’t want to limit myself to one place.” Although she lives in Brooklyn now, she doesn’t let that take over her heritage. Lolo has a unique genre. She mixies French and English in her lyrics with a sick R&B/Soul beat. Lolo’s vocal style blends French classics like Edith Piaf with hint of bittersweet nostalgia from the Bay Area area heat (where she grew up after leaving Paris).

After “Highs to Lows” became an instant hit, it was not soon after that she landed a record deal. She has recorded many more songs since “High to Lows,” such as “Desert Rose” (one of my personal favorites). “Desert Rose” is a song that promotes healing and accepting your individuality. The song has a relaxing and soothing beat, along with beautiful lyrics such as, “Love me like a desert rose/ Hold me like you can’t let go.” Since the release of “Desert Rose” and “Highs to Lows,” Lolo has released another song titled “Challenge.” “Challenge” is another one of my favorites. The song possess the right amount of dreamy pop beats and glossy French vocals. The lyrics are one’s of predictable love and how sometimes there needs to be a challenge: “Don’t let me have it / I need a challenge.” Lolo then transitions into the lyrics “Je garde coeur pour quelqu’un qui n’a pas peur,” which translates into “I keep my heart for someone who is not afraid.” She transitions into French so effortlessly that it almost goes over your head that she is speaking another language.

The hard working songstress will be going on tour with Alina Baraz on the west coast this fall. We also can expect a few more singles dropping in the next few months and a new star rising soon.