G. James

G. James

Emily Smith, News Writer

Sophomores, it is finally time for you to receive “the talk.” And I don’t mean the birds and bees, that’s your parents job, so don’t even ask. The “talk” I am talking about is about reality and proof of old age. It is…the ring talk…

Class rings are the jewelry pieces that every high schooler wishes they could receive, or at least most of them do. It is a chance to show to all of the future freshmen and sophomores that you are older and going to leave them to go through the same experience. This year, however,  Jostens has come up with something new for manly men or for those who are just not a huge fan of rings. They have brought to the high school population dog tags, bracelets, and lockets.

It is something to make your own and always have your high school memories close to you, since most of us aren’t going to have a statue created into their image.

Jostens will be available to answer your questions on Wednesday, March 6th. However, they will only be available during lunch, so you only receive an hour to stand among the crowd, have your questions answered, browse, and eat.

Class of 2021, it is that time of year to go to your parents and spend all of their hard earned money on something that will hold all of your favorite high school memories. Honestly, it’s reality slapping you straight in the face with a tortilla, because it means you are coming to the year of becoming juniors. This means you only have two more years of highschool til’ you are walking across the stage trying not to fall and embarrass yourself in front of your whole class and their families. So, buy a class ring or miss out on one of the best high school experiences of your life.