E. Smith

E. Smith

Emily Smith, News Writer

Congratulations to all of the nerds out there. The week of March 25th – 29th was their week to shine. The Nerd Herd hosted a week of fun-filled entertainment for everyone here at Heritage High School to enjoy. Monday and Tuesday Guardians of the Galaxy was played during lunch, so those who were willing to geek out and join everyone in the theater, you’re the bomb. Wednesday and Thursday was for all of the competitive gamers: Nerd Herd hosted a video game session. And last but not least, Friday the Nerd Herd welcomed everyone to wear their geekest hat during school to end a perfect day before everyone is out for Spring Break.

Kyah Dollinger, the student who seemingly organizes everything,  stated that everyone involved with Nerd Herd “does everything that we enjoy. There is a lot of Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and just a bunch of nerdy talk.” One of the members explained, “We used to do a lot of Nerf gun wars, and that was really fun.” Kyah Dollinger also stated that he organized these events to “try and get the upperclassmen to join in, and for everyone else to realize that Nerd Herd isn’t just about one thing.”

If there is anyone willing to open the flood gates to their geeky side and join Nerd Herd, Mrs. McCole and Mr. Kubler are the people to talk to. You can also join in on the club meeting in Mrs. McCole’s room.