Emily Smith, News Writer

This past spring break, April 1st – 5th, Coach Slaughter and Mrs. Taylor took a group of high schoolers, parents, and anyone else to a place unlike any other; Nicaragua. Previously, Coach Slaughter explained that the “Katie Beth Carter Memorial High School gained 55 students” and for the first time, everyone on the trip was able to experience it.

When asked about seeing the Katie Beth Carter School, Natalie Hayes, a first time Nicaragua traveler, explained, “It was amazing to actually see the school in person instead of pictures. There are so many lively kids who are eager to learn, and the same with the sewing ladies. We went during their exam week, and it was so cool to see the school filled with hardworking people.” Austin Riddell, another first time Nicaragua traveler, also explained, “The Katie Beth Carter School was really awesome to see because it is the place that I have heard so much about and to see it in front of me is cool.”

Mrs. Taylor had mentioned that “there will always be an interpreter with each group so they will be able to communicate” and to review this experience between the interpreters and the children, Austin was glad to report that the experience “was good, all of the interpreters were really nice and they were super helpful. Hanging out with the kids and talking to them was amazing because I was able to learn about them and stuff. Plus, it was really fun to see them interact with one another.” However, this impacted Natalie because all she could think about was how she “wishes she could speak more advanced Spanish and have deeper and more meaningful conversations with everyone there” and how “she wished she could have encouraged them or express how proud she was of them for what they have accomplished so far.”

Overall Nicaragua is an experience everyone should experience at least some point in their lifetime but, don’t take it from me, soak in the happy reviews from the two first time travelers. Miss. Hayes was happy to announce, “The trip was really fun! There’s so much I have learned from going to Nicaragua, but I guess it all comes back to gratitude and love. These people who live in cardboard and metal shacks as houses and have very few personal belongings are still so grateful for what they have. It didn’t matter what we looked like or that we couldn’t speak their language fluently, they still loved us unconditionally like we were their family. It really shows how much we overlook the small things and ignore people, and ever since I got back I’ve been more intentional with those things.” Mr. Riddell was also proud to describe the trip as “a good trip because we were able to hang out with the kids a lot and we made some gardening stuff.”

“There are a couple of trips available during the summer, however, the trips with the school will be during Thanksgiving Break and a week within December.” If you are willing to travel with the school or take the trip over the summer, go see Mrs. Taylor and Coach Slaughter for more information.