E. Smith

E. Smith

Emily Smith, News Writer

The news you hear is small talk, the small talk you pursue is like a sport, and many sports are entertaining. Journalism is a way to spread the word, to be heard, to increase the knowledge you already know and make it better. To send a message, and make the truth be known, through our own words. Many people do not understand the reason why I enjoy Journalism so much. Well, this is the reason…

We all know I am a terrible writer—Mr. Peace has to make a lot of changes to my articles—but it reassures me that I helped make someone’s mind open up or that I was able to spread the word about something so little (or maybe even something everyone already knows).  But Journalism isn’t just about writing. It is about having the time of your life, feeling connected with those around you, and to uncover an untold story. This being said, you might know Mr. Peace as “an intimidating person” or as that random guy you get your yearbook from and you would be right—not the intimidating part but the yearbook part. However, he doesn’t do it alone.

Everyone within Journalism helps out on this year-long project. Yep, we are the people that teachers detest and the ones students fond over, since we get them away from their assignments just to ask a couple of questions and maybe even capture their picture. We also go under the radar with a lot of things and surprise people when they see themselves within the pictured pages of the school year.  

Writing news articles and helping out with the yearbook is amazing, but the best part is the memorizes we create. I remember my second day of Journalism my sophomore year, Mr. Peace was pulling out our names from a container, and while mixing them he said, “I wonder if this is how you make bread.” Or when Hannah, Grace, and I decided to steal some alpacas and create an alpaca farm. There is also the time when everyone on the staff was on the hunt for a man who attended a bonfire, whose picture we had, that no one knew existed, wondering if we should put Wanted posters up around the school. Then there was that time this year when Ian asked, “Is she too blue?” or when Shane said, “Communism is great” or “I have a playlist called ‘Colors.’” Plus, the music Mr. Peace plays is amazing (especially the one with the screaming women). Finally, there’s always the moment that you can never forget: Mr. Peace’s daily statement of “let’s enjoy that moment of silence” and then screaming the Pledge of Allegiance.  

If you are feel daring, I suggest for you to sign up for Journalism next year. We have so much fun, plus there is literally only one test, and the rest is history. I guarantee you’ll have a great time.