E. Smith

E. Smith

Emily Smith, News Writer

When the term “high schooler” comes up in a conversation, it can have certain connotations: unruly, uncontrollable, confused, lazy, etc. It doesn’t usually bring to mind the words “suit” or “formal.” When people see Sean King, however, they see a man who is preparing to be the next Gatsby. But in his eyes, Sean is a man who plans to “receive a degree in cyber security and buy some land in the woods with the money he earns.” He also happens “to get really annoyed when the waiters at Cracker Barrel leave the napkin on the silverware while it is soaking up the water in the sink.”  Who is this mysterious man who goes by Sean King?

Sean King would just say “It’s me” but in reality he is “a musician and poet” who likes “computer stuff” and who holds religion to be “the most important thing,” even if others just say he is “unique because he wears suits.” Why does he always wear a suit? Well, in his “all black, emo-middle-school days,” he thought to himself that “I want to wear a suit.” “He continues: “So I brought it up to my parents, and my brother said, ‘There is a guy in high school that always wears a suit and you don’t want to be that guy,’ so I was like okay. When I gained the money to get suits, I knew that I wanted to wear suits, and now I wear suits.”

“Wearing a suit makes me believe that I am breaking the status quo, because we live in a time where we all are wearing casual and comfortable clothes,” Sean states. Sean admits that at times he does feel out of place because he “could be walking with his friends, pass a store window and look at himself, then notice that he is way too overdressed.” But it’s who Sean is. When he takes the suit off—because living in it can get “very warm”—he doesn’t feel like Batman turning into Bruce Wayne: it is just “how [he] expresses [him]self in a unique way.” I bet you think that he is always made fun of, but in reality he “intimidates people because they see the suit, and they think I have power of some kind.”

Finally, Sean would like to send a message to all the students out there: “If you want to do something, just go ahead and do it, because in the end all of it is not going to matter. A.K.A. YOLO.”