The True Story of Shane Davis

Austin Riddell, Staff Writer

If you contemplate who your favorite superhero is, there are lots of different ones to consider. You have your Marvel superheroes like The Avengers, Spiderman, and the X-Men, or you could think about the DC side of things with heroes like Batman, Superman, or Wonder Woman. Shane Davis’s favorite is “Jason Mamoa as Aquaman,” and I would have to agree with Shane that this is a great answer.

A. Riddell

Shane is a sophomore here at HHS. Asked about his favorite class in his time here so far, he answered, “It’s already been Journalism; I love it.” His hobbies include a love for video games–he is a big fan of the FPS genre–and he also likes to spend his time staying at home and sleeping or hanging out with some of his friends. When I asked him about his family he talked about his sister, Katie, who is a senior here at Heritage and a member of the color guard. He also told me about his mom and dad, who are both super hard workers all the time. While we were talking about them, Shane told me a few stories and then talked about some fun and exciting memories he had with all of them. 

When we were talking, I asked him what his favorite memory was, and he said that it would have to be when he went to visit Disney World with his friend. He also added that his favorite park of the ones he got to visit was Epcot because of all the different cultural environments he was able to experience while in that park. I then asked which one of the countries stood out to him the most, and he said that the Japanese section of the park was the most interesting one to him. It is a very cool experience to see all the different things you can buy in the store there, and there are many cartoon characters and things of that nature that we get from Japan that you can get figures of. I also asked about his favorite vacation, and he said that the vacation and the memories we already talked about were the same thing, because that trip was just that great.

To add something that is fun and interesting to our interview, I asked Shane what he would do with $1 million if it were given to him. He definitely had an answer I hadn’t heard before. He said, “I would probably save half of it and give the other half to charity.” Usually when people are asked that question you will get different variations of “I would probably get a new computer” or “I would buy whatever super fancy car I want”–or even “I would put it towards paying for college and a house” if you get someone who is planning for their future well. But I’ve never heard an answer that was generous like his, and I think that answer really shows what kind of a person Shane is. 

Another interesting thing he talked about was that his favorite season was fall. He says that fall is his favorite because when it’s fall, you can wear jeans and a hoodie and not have to worry about dying of a heat stroke or anything like that, which is one of the numerous benefits of fall. Another benefit we discussed was how the leaves change to many interesting and awesome colors and how everything goes to this in-between stage that makes it more comfortable than the harsh summer heat or the bitter cold of wintertime. He also brought up that fall brings many popular pastimes like football of all different levels and fun activities that go with it like tailgating or watching the different halftime shows of the marching bands. We continued the interview by contemplating the future. I asked what he planned on doing in college, and he said that he wanted to do some sort of mechanical engineering. I found this answer exciting; it was cool to learn that we both wanted to go into the same line of work. 

A. Riddell

To conclude our time together I asked him who his real life hero would be. He responded, “My sister Katie would probably be my hero. She’s always been there for me and always helped me through all the hard times I’ve been through.” Shane finished by talking about how Katie is like a guardian to him. I couldn’t think of a better person to be a hero.

A. Riddell