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Austin Riddell
Austin Riddell is 17, and he is looking forward to all of the new and exciting things going on for his senior year at Heritage High School. During all of his years in high school, he has been able to experience what it is like to be a part of the HHS band, in which he plays the tuba and sousaphone. Austin is also a part of many clubs at school ranging from National Honor Society, Beta Club, and Games Club. Being a part of these clubs have opened his mind to many amazing opportunities and experiences. Being a member of Beta Club has allowed him to volunteer at some life-changing events, and some of his most memorable times in high school have come from spending lunch playing different card and board games during lunch in Mr.Kubler’s room. During his rare free time, he can be found doing things like reading, playing his guitar, and playing different games and hanging out with his friends. He would like to attend Kennesaw State University for his college education; while attending school there, he would like to pursue some sort of degree in Engineering. This is his first year taking Journalism, and he is looking forward to all of the new and interesting things he will learn from this class.

Austin Riddell, Staff Writer

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Austin Riddell