Time To Meet David Dinger

Emily Smith, Staff Writer

“I have been a teacher for 32 years,” David Dinger explained. Who is David Dinger, you might ask? He is our new math teacher that joined Heritage High School’s staff on August 12th, 2019. It is amazing to have a math teacher who “enjoys math.” Coach Dinger explains, “It has been my favorite subject. I do not enjoy reading; I have just never gotten into it.” He continues to share, “Teaching at Heritage High School is not really different from my previous jobs. I do have to study since I am teaching Algebra 2 this year, but my teaching techniques are the same compared to the previous two schools I taught at.” 

“The most challenging thing I have come across is learning everyone’s names and technology,” he noted. “Once you have worked somewhere for 30 years, you can’t get out of that mode. Everyone is so friendly and helpful, but I cannot remember their names.” Many new teachers have this same problem, and some of the older staff members have the same problem. Students even have the same problem when it comes to remembering a room number or a teacher’s name. 

Mr. Dinger is our new baseball coach. He chose to coach baseball because he “played baseball in college.” “I played other sports but baseball is my passion,” he said. “Once you play baseball you keep playing until you are told to stop because that means you are not good enough anymore, so I decided to coach.” He is highly excited about coaching with his new “teacher best friend,” Coach Beagles. “There are a lot of talented kids, and we have a lot of kids this year, which is what I think I like most about it because I came from a small school.” 

Mr. Dinger wants to let all of his students to know “I’ll help them.” However, just like Coach Moore, Coach Dinger does not like it when students “are disrespectful to other students and teachers. There are way too many people for there to be disrespect.”