Athlete of the Month: Annasten Sterl

You’ve seen people play volleyball, but have you seen Annasten Sterl?

Victoria McConathy, Staff Writer

When Mrs. Guest (a math teacher, as well as a great volleyball coach) was asked who she thought was really deserving of the title “Athlete Of The Month,” her immediate thought was Annasten Sterl. She explained, “Annasten is a freshman volleyball player who has improved significantly this season. She has become a key hitter and defensive player for the JV volleyball team. Annasten leads the team in kills and blocks for the season so far.”

As stated above, Annasten is a freshman volleyball player on the JV volleyball team for Heritage High School. I was happy when Mrs. Guest stated that Annasten was her freshman pick for athlete of the month, because we know each other well. I played volleyball with her our last year and middle school, and we were very close friends after that. 

I believe Annasten is a start player this month because of her dedication. Although this could be caused by her father being a volleyball coach, I think it’s just because of her will to keep the ball off of her side of the court. She’s leading her team in kills and blocks for the season, which definitely shows how aggressive she can be on the court. You will never see Annasten miss a ball because someone else wanted it. She goes after the ball even when it’s on the other side of the court, and she’s always backing up her teammates.

Although Annasten is aggressive on the court, you’d never notice that off the court. She’s one of the most kind hearted and sweet people you’ll ever meet. Along with this, she is very intelligent. In our last year of middle school, she held all A’s the entire year while juggling school and club volleyball. This year she is looking to do the same thing, for she currently has all A’s as before. Annasten Sterl was a great fit for this month’s Athlete Of The Month.