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Victoria McConathy
Victoria McConathy is a 14-year-old girl that enjoys writing and spending time with friends. She also loves animals very much, which is why she wants to go to school to be an exotic veterinarian as soon as possible. Her education began at Boynton Elementary, continued to Heritage Middle, is now happening at Heritage High School, and hopefully will end at Louisiana State University. She was born in January, and it definitely shows considering her favorite seasons fall in this order: Winter, Fall, Spring, and Summer. When it comes to hobbies, she loves nothing more than creativity. Victoria loves using her creativity for things like writing, drawing, painting, or anything else she can use it for in her everyday life. However, this was not always the case. Although her hobbies have changed throughout the years, she’s still very fond of competition gymnastics, dance, cheerleading, volleyball, and many other past activities she has participated in. Her biggest accomplishment was being accepted into the GNTC dual-enrollment program as a freshman, and being able to score near-perfect scores on the Georgia Milestone tests in the 8th grade.

Victoria McConathy, Staff Writer

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Victoria McConathy