Everything You Need to Know About iOS 13

Austin Riddell, Staff Writer

On September 19th the new thirteenth update of iOS came out and it brought a host of new features to iPhone users. One of the more notable features that was added was the new dark mode, this feature causes the screen’s background to stay darker than it usually would and it also changes the background colors of some of Apple’s stock apps like messages and mail. The Dark Mode software will also be available to app developers so that they can add it to their apps they create as well. Additionally, this update has added more customizations to their Memojis like new hairstyles, makeup choices, hats, glasses, and you can even give them airpods. Your phone will also automatically create stickers of your Memoji that you can send through texts. Along with the improvements to the previously mentioned text improvements swipe to text has also been added, so you are able to hold your finger down on the keyboard instead of actually typing. 

While all of the cosmetic updates are very prodigious and add a lot of flavor to using your phone, the software improvements were extensive as well. Apple has improved the speed at which it opens with face id by thirty percent and they have also reduced the size of app downloads and updates by fifty and sixty percent. Apple’s Craig Federighi also said that the app launch speeds would be doubled when compared to iOS 12.  Some of the iOS suite’s apps have also been improved with this new update. Apple Maps was updated with more roads, beaches, and other locations with more details than they had before, and with this update you can do more with the street view feature. With the new cameras that were added to the iPhone 11, the photos app was updated to have a lot more power than it previously did. It has more features with organisation that were added to the app, now when you take pictures on a holiday or a birthday the app will put them into a folder. The image editing that was previously available has been improved with new filters and effects, and you can even add filters and do things like rotating videos that you have taken.