“I’m Not Worried, Harry…This Lock-In Will Be Great”

Emily Smith, Staff Writer

“It’s our choice, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities,” explained Dumbledore to Harry. This can be said to all the students at Heritage High School. However, those who understand this quote, will have the most fun. 

This being said, the sorting hat has chosen you, the Harry Potter fans as well as the rest of the students, to join Mrs. Sixto at the Harry Potter Lock-in here at the Heritage High School Library. This was a huge success last year, with ninety students and several adults attending. Guests were able to drink Butterbeer hot chocolate and create their very own wand, and for those who do not understand the wizard world, there were many different types of ingredients to create your own slime plus you could sit down and watch the movies that inspired many people. Eli Brown, a continuous member in bookclub,  has stated, “I did like it last year, I knew most of the people there. It was a solid nerdy gathering. They had a lot of activities, including movies and creating a wand. I do plan on going this year.” 

The book club including most of the school staff have a highly stressful time creating this Hogwarts inspired setting, but the payoff is amazing. Last year, they brought the Whomping Willow tree to life, even though it doesn’t have the same personality, it was still incredible to see everyone enjoy taking photos, dressed in their Hogwarts uniforms having the best time of their lives. 

Mrs. Sixto created this to allow others to connect to one another, don’t be scared. Everyone who enters the threshold will be reciting, “I am what I am an’ I’m not ashamed,” from The Goblet of Fire. So, join all of the Harry Potter fans in October at the HHS Library, maybe you can enjoy a chocolate frog.