King of the (Veggie) Burgers

Luke Harold, Staff Writer

Impossible Foods is a meat alternative corporation founded in 2011.  Since their conception, they have garnered much praise for creating fake meat products that taste, in many customer’s eyes, very similar to real meat.  Their mission, defined on their website as “To save meat.  And the earth.”, is true in essentially all respects, at least according to the data that they provide.  Impossible Foods states on their website that the production of one Impossible Burger requires 87% less water, 96% less land use, and emits 89% fewer greenhouse gases than that of its real meat counterparts.  Many have taken notice to these impressive environmental claims, including Burger King.  Burger King, a fast food giant that has been struggling to keep up with the pack recently, announced on August 1st that the Impossible Whopper would come to all US locations for a limited time.

Going to get the Impossible Whopper,  I had high expectations. I had heard good things about the burger from peers and critics alike.  I have been a vegetarian for five years, and I virtually never go to Burger King.  I was hoping that the Impossible Whopper would give me, and many others, a reason to go to the chain.  After taking the first bite, I was pleasantly surprised. I am usually not a fan of veggie burgers, but the Impossible Whopper seemed different than its competitors.  It brings something to the table that the typical veggie burger lacks. It leaves you feeling full, not full in the sense that you have just downed a plate of vegetables, but full like you have just finished a hamburger.  The Impossible Whopper feels ahead of its time in the fake meat industry.

Even people that aren’t passionate about animals or the environment may want to consider the Impossible Whopper, as it is a nearly identical twin to the classic.  Overall, I feel like many will enjoy the Impossible Whopper, and even more will have a legitimate reason to go to Burger King.