Time to Get That Special Strike

Emily Smith, Staff Writer

Special Olympics is back, and this time they will be entered into the Special Olympics Bowling Tournament. Heritage High School’s Ms. Lisa Tubbs has had the opportunity to work with all of the students and volunteers during this tournament. “We have 30 elementary school students, 32 middle school students, and 49 high school students including 32 students from Heritage High School. We also have close to 120 volunteers that will be there with us. These volunteers include teachers, para-pros, partners, and Special Education office employees.” 

Ms. Tubbs also expressed that she is “so excited! It’s always fun to see all the athletes together socializing and having fun with one another.” This year, Spare Time in Hixon has accepted the position of hosting. “This is the 3rd year we have done this event and the 2nd year of Spare Time hosting. This is also the first time that all the schools will join together to bowl,” she said. 

Everyone, including Ms. Tubbs, who is participating/supporting the Special Olympics teams would like to say something special to them. “To the players, I want to wish them good luck and to have fun! To all of the volunteers, thank you for supporting Special Olympics and for giving all of your time to allow our athletes to have a great time and day!” 

If you don’t know what the Special Olympics is, it started in 1968 and is a non-profit international competition, modeled after the famous Olympic games. It is still cool to watch, even if it is not the actual Olympics because you get to see some of the most amazing students participate in Catoosa County’s smaller version of the Olympics.

If you are wanting to support our Generals and the other teams in this Special Olympics Bowling Tournament then wish them luck Wednesday, November 6th.