The Best is Yet to Come

Kahlynn Holcomb, Staff Writer

Following their win the previous weekend in Dalton, the cheerleaders traveled to Sonoraville High School to compete against more schools in their AAAA Division. This competition was only slightly larger than the last, with three other competitors as compared to Dalton’s two. This was also their last “regular” competition before they travel to Regions at Dawson County High School.

Just like almost every competition they have gone to this year, they were the first to show off their routine in front of a crowd in their division. Pickens, Central, and Cartersville followed them, in that order. Although Cartersville won state last year, our cheerleader’s only goal was to beat Central, who had beat them earlier this year. 

After a successful warmup, our Lady Generals were ready to hit the mat. The excitement was at an all-time high and everyone was ready to do their best. Every single girl wanted the result of their final regular competition to be a good one. They made sure to encourage one another as they walked to Sonoraville High School’s gym doors. 

Once they were called on the mat, they threw what might’ve been the best full-out of their season. With only one part of their pyramid not going and a few missed tumbling passes, they ended up with a routine scoring a 93.5. The happiness they radiated as they walked off the floor was incredibly contagious. 

The bleachers were full, so they couldn’t sit where they normally did, but that didn’t really mess up anything. They quickly found a spot out of the way, but where they could see everything and waited for the final teams to perform. 

None of the teams were perfect, but every single one was incredibly talented. This competition could’ve gone any way, and it was in everyone’s favor. Once it came time for awards, our cheerleaders took a seat at the front of the mat. 

Although there were four competitors, they had two trophies, so only first and second place got called. As it turned out, our girls got second to Cartersville, who scored a 100. Central came in at third with a score of 90 and Pickens came after them with a score of 81. 

Even though they got second, no one really counted the competition as a loss. After all, their goal was to beat Central, and they did exactly that. Now that it’s over, our girls are ready for a productive week and hopefully, they can put their best foot forward for Regions.