The Only Mosquitoes We Can Trust

Emily Smith, Staff Writer

Have you ever wanted to do something extravagant without messing up your “normal” routine? Well, now you can by donating your blood to the nurses who are taking time out of their day to visit our school. 

This year Heritage High School will be hosting yet another Blood Drive which will allow students, sixteen years and older students who have parent permission, to donate blood for those in need. Those same rules apply to those who have previously donated blood and are willing to do it again. 

Two buses will be presented at the front of the school, along with many nurses inside making sure everything is running smoothly. The process of donating blood will take 30 minutes max if all goes well, however, the donation and end sooner than that. Students and others donating will be given a couple of snacks after the process to cancel the side effects of losing blood. Exclusions do apply depending on weight, age, height, etc. The many nurses needs to make sure that you are in good enough health that meets their standards before they drain you of blood. This being said, not everyone is able to donate blood so make sure that you are able to meet these standards as well as feel comfortable with the decision you have made. 

Many different blood types are needed to help those in need. If you are willing to help with this cause and are able to meet their standards then please consider donating on Friday, November 15th. If you miss the opportunity to donate there will be many more chances so just listen to the school announcements and posters down the hallway so you do not miss important information.