All It Takes is One Bad Day

Emily Smith, Staff Writer

If you are not a Batman fan or you do not want the new Joker movie to be spoiled for you then turn back now. You have been warned… 


Do you ever just have one bad day? Just a day that ruined the rest of your life? Maybe due to this moment you become a better person, or you became the worst person imaginable. All it took for this mysterious man was one bad day. It was the day he decided to turn to crime to gain more money for his family, it was the day his wife died in a car accident, it was the day he put on the red helmet and ran into Batman, it was the day that he became known as the Joker. 

From a DC comics fan standpoint, the new DC Joker movie was phenomenal. It explores the insane mind of Joker like you would not imagine. The movie, “Joker,” is a stand-alone film that introduces some DC characters like Thomas Wayne, Bruce Wayne, and Alfred Pennyworth. However, including these characters does not make this another Batman film. In fact, it does not even connect to Batman in the way you would believe. The man known as Arthur takes us on a journey to a world within the realm of an 80s style Gotham City. Taking into account that this would be the most outlandish place to live in poverty, you can see how living the way most characters are in the movie can take a toll on someone’s mind. 

Arthur is shown to have his very own clown job that was ultimately ruined by one of his coworkers. You are able to see Arthur taking care of his delusional mother who explains that “Thomas Wayne will take care of us once he reads these letters.” He also meets this girl who falls in love with him due to how funny he is. Finally Arthur is able to make himself known through his comedy act which lands him on a spot on his favorite T.V. show. This is where he announces himself as the man everyone knows and loves, The Joker. 

There are many twists and turns that make this a new “proper” origin story. If you have seen the movie or witnessed the mind-boggling trailer. By creating this new origin story, it leads to opportunities for this beloved, deranged character one would call “Mr. J” to hopefully have a new take on the DC community. However, this could be a new way to introduce the upcoming Batman comic, “Batman: Three Jokers.” 

Batman: Three Jokers” is a comic that most Batman fans have been wanting for a long time. Once the idea of having different Jokers and it is all not one person struck the nerd community, it stuck for so long. Even to the point that most comic fans have been questioning the pervious comics. This concept introduces that Batman has encountered and fought against three different jokers without even realizing it. The joker from the comic “Batman #1” is different from the one Barabara Gordon within “Batman: The Killing Joke.” As well as a different joker from the one that Jason Todd encountered in “Batman: A Death in the Family.” All of these comics are written by different artists, making these different versions of the Joker. 

So, dive into a world of insanity and watch how someone can see their “world as a comedy.”