To Go or Not to Go–That is the Question

Emily Smith, Staff Writer

The freedom that we have longed for is suddenly slipping out of our fingers. That strong hold we once had on the rope to the unknown realm of society has become weaker and weaker. Until you finally let go due to the burning you felt from the rope and you plummet further and further down the hole you once tried to climb out of. And now, it is time to make that decision that everyone has been waiting for you to answer, however due to your indecisive mind you have been putting it off until the day arises that you have to answer it. Well, that day is inching closer as you continue to read on. It is time to decide, were you meant for college or is it not meant to be? Were you made for the job you desire, or will it force you into a world you dislike?

Some people have known what that want to be for years, others have a general idea of what they want to become. If you are nowhere near that scale you fall into the category of those who do not know what they want to do for the rest of their life, which is okay. Many people who know what they want to be or have an idea generally switch their majors within the first year. So you are not alone. No one truly knows what they want to become because they have never experienced that lifestyle. They honestly may end up hating it and become a fast food worker (no shade to those who have worked in fast food). The point is, it is okay to not know what you are wanting to major in. If you want, the school counselors are there to help. You are even able to ask your teachers; they know your strengths and weaknesses.

If you are wanting to go to college and are unsure of what is out there, go to the “Apply for College Day” at Heritage High School. Students are able to set up an appointment in the school counselor’s office. It is easy and if you are still indecisive about going to college, go the the “Apply for College Day” anyway, it can help you get a general idea of what is out there and you can ask the colleges yourself about what you are wanting to major in and what would be best for you. 

Now those who are wanting to apply may be complaining about the fees. With it being the month of November, colleges are waiving the fees to fit the applyers needs. Some applications may be free other maybe half price. The only way you will be able to know is if you apply for the “Apply to College Day” on Tuesday, November 19th. For more questions got to the school’s counselor’s office or visit the school website. If you are unable to show up on Tuesday, this whole month is Apply to College Month. You still have a chance to get those amazing deals on college applications. You might want to hurry, however, because the month is almost over. 

So get your spot reserved, and be prepared to ask those burning questions. And, who knows, you might be able to gain that sliver of hope that you once lost from falling into the dark pit of indecisive questions, heal that rope-burned hand of yours, and climb to the top where your destiny resides.