The Night Black Friday Ruined My Life

Emily Smith, Staff Writer

‘Twas the night of Thanksgiving, and all through the store

All the customers were running, not even with a cart;

The clothes were ripped off the hangers with great strength,

In hopes that their shopping will soon would be over;

Their children were nestled at Grandma’s house, all snug in their beds;

While their parents raced to the toys with great speed;

And with managers in their professional attire, and I in my blue lanard and radio,

Had a great startle by customers sprinting for a comfy winter sweater…


Yes, I am back! The girl who rants a lot is back and more annoyed/tired than ever, but this time . . . I have a cheesier, Youtube-type title. And, the only difference with this story is that there is not a main point or special plot to my rant; it is just a rant. I mean you can find a deeper meaning if you want to analyze what I am about to explode your mind with, but it is not recommended. Okay, enough chit chat, now is the time to waste the next few minutes of your life with this useless information. 

So, last week, we had Thanksgiving Break. Now I did not have a problem working on the break. It is extra money towards the expensive gifts I am getting (my friends better love me after these gifts, I swear if they shrug it off I will do something . . . Honestly, it’s probably just going to be another rant or me giving them the evil eye, I am too lazy to seriously do something). Anyway, I am getting off track by a situation that will probably never happen. Okay, so, Wednesday officially started my work week with only a few cranky customers and to be honest I was in a pretty happy mood. Man, if only I knew that mood was not going to last. I began to fold everything and getting everything ready for Black Friday. As I finished folding clothes, etc. I have realized that everything was just a waste of time because it’s going to be destroyed 

Time skip, yeah! Coming around to Thursday, I pulled into the parking lot to see this huge line that has already formed from the store doors. Now to be fair, I was expecting it. What I wasn’t expecting was for me and my coworkers to have an unspoken agreement to wait for someone to walk out of their car and to get to the door before we all get out of our cars to walk into work. Finally someone got tired of waiting, which basically means the store manager called them and told them to come in early to help a little. This means, a tsunami of workers stormed into the Kohl’s lobby area and waited for someone, who was working on the floor, to open the door for us. Finally someone opens the door and we were greeted with an “inspirational” meeting basically telling us that only a certain number of people will have a radio so go to them if you need something, do not get agitated by customers, etc. Fast forward to our “new” supervisor, now our manager told her to come to be if she was confused on who needed a break. This added more stress to my day due to my cashreadiser not working, managers yelling in my ear at each other, and the “new” supervisor asking for things. Little did I know, it would be worse. 

Finally, its Black Friday, now I am working the closing shift because why not, anyway the store was horrendous, clothes everywhere, carts missing, like we literally lost ten carts. How do you lose ten carts? Who just walks into a store, sees a cart, and is like, “that would be an amazing addition to my overwhelming shopping cart collection.” No one! If you do, then you need a life and to at least give us back nine carts. Anyway, back to the somewhat expected storm, I went to fold clothes and these people who do not know how coupons work decided to come up to me and become frustrated because I kept repeating that the coupon is not going to work. Black Friday finally ended with a messed up store, but you best believe this rant is not over. 

Saturday rolls around, everyone is tired and irritable and this one customer, just this one, would by one shirt leave and comeback with another shirt that is just a different color. Now, by the third time of her doing this, I was done with her. All she wanted was the mystery Kohls cash but, I can keep giving her more and more. Like two was my limit. Finally by the sixth shirt she is done and then this random dude comes to me says “Hey pretty lady,” and starts singing Christmas carols to me. Why? I have no idea. He was weird, but he sang around the whole store and to every coworker, then leave. I was highly confused and I am still confused. Now, my last customer of the night finally shows up and piled my register counter high with clothes asking me to check the price then proceeded to tell me I was wrong about the price, this really annoyed me and I just stopped telling them the price and sent them on their merry way. 

Finally, it’s the last day, Sunday. This is when I was able to clean everything, make sure the store was nice, and live up to my boss’s expectations but, when I saw the family again, my smile became force. I was not happy, I never wanted to see them again, but guess who checked them out and they did the exact same thing…. Ask about everything and told me I was wrong. Now, I was supposed to leave early, but that never happened so yeah. I am still salty about it. 

You have now reached the end, and I hope you have felt like you shared this experience with me and you are as mad as I am. Not mad from me working, mad that you decided to read this rant that had nothing to do with something relative. Bye bye, have a great day!