Change Your Destiny

Austin Riddell, Staff Writer

Destiny 2 was a sequel to Destiny that was released by Bungie on September 6, 2017 for the Xbox One and the Playstation 4. The game started out at as a $60 game with just the new story mode and The Crucible (Destiny’s online pvp mode), but the developers released a total of three DLC downloads in the following years after the release (Curse of Osiris, Warmind, and Forsaken). But recently the game has been transitioning into a free to play game that has been renamed Destiny 2: New Light. In this new series of updates the game has changed many of its basic properties and many updates have been happening as they were preparing for the newest DLC that came out on October 1st. 

Of all of these changes that have taken place one of the biggest ones was the games release for PC through the Steam Marketplace and also for the new Google Stadia that was recently released. Another big change is that all of the three DLC’s are now available for free to all players, but Shadowkeep will still have to be purchased for thirty five dollars when it is released. Another new feature that is being brought to the game is the cross-save feature which allows you to save and play with the same characters and progress on all of the platforms you play on. As for gameplay and mechanics, there have been a few changes to that as well. One of the biggest changes I noticed was that when you log onto the game and create a new character the introduction level that you play was changed to the one from the first Destiny game and your character will start out at a light level of 750 instead of the lower starting point that was set in place in the earlier version of the game. Also all of the new characters you start will already have all three subclasses fully unlocked with all abilities available except for the ones that are unlocked by purchasing the Shadowfall DLC pack.