A Musical Land Before Time

Noah Pennington, Staff Writer

Imagine for a moment the land before time – a land of dinosaurs. Now imagine those dinosaurs… with DEATH RAYS! AND LASERS! YEAH! AND BLARING DUBSTEP IN THE BACKGROUND! YES! AND… AND… umm… too much?

If it doesn’t sound like too much, you can experience all of this for real at Lost Lands alongside thousands of other people and me. Lost Lands is not just a music festival spanning three days consisting of the best of the best of bass music, it’s a yearly experience that thousands of people simply can’t wait for. 

Take my good friend and Heritage alumni Mark Crane for instance, who has attended the festival for three years now, soon to be four! “Ever since I was 15, I’ve had a deep passion for electronic dance music [EDM]. In particular, I loved dubstep and bass music. My love for dubstep eventually led me into going to one of the best festivals of all time, Lost Lands. After I turned 18 and started going to various shows with my friend Clay Chaffins, I decided it would be time to go to a festival that suits my style of music. In September of 2018, I attended Lost Lands for the first time and it exceeded my expectations. Walking into the festival with all your friends and fellow headbangers all the while listening to your favorite tracks on the PK sound system is one of the most euphoric experiences I’ve ever had in my life. Through my Lost Lands experience, I discovered many new DJs as well as listening to my favorites all while meeting new friends. I have been to Lost Lands twice so far and I will continue to go annually mainly due to my love for EDM and the community that surrounds it. I recommend going to Lost lands because it’s relatively cheap for a festival while delivering an awesome weekend you’ll never forget.”

I remember what it was like going to my very first rave – stepping out of the Uber at Terminal West in ATL.The hype I felt couldn’t be matched to anything I had felt before. Then walking in with Mark and meeting Clay for the first time. Hours pass and I’m still having the time of my life. It feels like just yesterday.

And that’s how I feel Lost Lands is going to be like. I think this is going to be two of the best days of my life. Lost Lands is going to be, mark my words, an experience like no other.