Alicia Debity’s Heart of Gold


E. Debity

Ella Debity, Staff Writer

Alicia Ransom Debity is a thirty-nine year old mother of four with great outlooks on the world. She chooses to live in a way that shines light on her day as well as those around her. She attended a private Catholic school growing up, and this led her into a great career in sports, academics, and has impacted on her view of those around her. She always looks for the good in people despite what they may say or do. Though her life has grown into what it is, it wasn’t always what she expected.

Alicia grew up going to OLPH, a Catholic school in East Ridge, TN. Here, along with Notre Dame High School in Chattanooga,  Alicia began her career in athletics. She was granted a spot in Notre Dame’s Hall of Fame for her astounding basketball skills in which she held the record for leading points and rebounds. “It was an honor to be selected,” she says “ I got to see my jersey be retired. It was an experience.” She also holds a spot in the Chattanooga State College Hall of Fame.

Alicia grew up wanting to be a nurse for young children. She always knew she wanted to be around kids because she loved them even from a young age. “I wanted to be a nurse with babies, but that didn’t work after my sister hurt her thigh on a door. She had to get stitches. I realized that was not going to be my calling.”

Though that dream was short lived, Alicia still went to work in an elementary school, helping kids with emotional behavior issues. She is also currently working on her Master’s degree in Special Education while taking care of a one-month-old son, Ransom Debity, as well as her twenty-month-old son, Landen Debity.

Why is Alicia living in the Chattanooga area out of all places?  “Well, funny story, when I moved like ten minutes away from my parents, I had to come home every weekend for like the first month. So, I’m a homebody. I enjoy being with my parents and close to them.”

Alicia is very close to her family, especially the one she has of her own. “I love kids, so I’ve always wanted to have children of my own. I’ve always wanted to be married to my best friend and just someone who understands me and supports me.” Alicia has pursued this dream by marrying her husband, Jamie Debity, as well as having four children with him.

In all, Alicia Debity is a very focused mother with a heart of gold. She loves her children, Ranson, age one month, Landen, age twenty-months, Blake, age thirteen, and Ella, age fourteen, along with sports, kids, and the world. She cares for those less fortunate and always looks after those she loves. She spends her days trying to be a better person. Everyone could learn a little from Alicia Debity