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Ella Debity
Ella Debity is a fourteen year-old freshman who moved to Heritage this year. She hopes to leave an impact on the school as best she can, whether that be by writing, through activities, or any other way. She loves to play basketball, watch Scooby-Doo, write stories, hang out with her friends, and watch murder mysteries at three in the morning.

A few things she has accomplished include, but are not limited to, placing fourth in state and ninth nationally in a poetry competition in the eighth grade for a Jr. Beta convention, becoming the team captain for her basketball team in middle school, which led to getting third in the end of the year tournament, and getting an award for Most Honest Person in the second grade. She’s really proud of that.

Above all else though, Ella just wants to make a difference in the community. She hopes to change the world, but for now, she’s just a high school freshman in the middle of a pandemic, and you get to watch her story unfold.

Ella Debity

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Ella Debity