Head Full of Dreams

Ella Debity, Staff Writer

Laying on a bed on a late starry night lies a young dreamer. A girl waiting for a way to express what she loves to the world. New melodies and lines of music run through her head as she stares at the ceiling waiting for sleep. Most of the world has no idea of the talent that is sitting in the head of young senior Rachael Jarmen.

Rachael is a seventeen-year-old senior at Heritage High School. Her favorite classes are Journalism and British Literature. Though high school may be challenging, between hard classes and whatever problems she may face, Rachael always has music by her side.

“It’s a different type of vibe,” said Rachael. “I’m able to express how I feel through music and not have to try to put it into words, because that’s more difficult for me.” Music is a way for her to get out what she is feeling without having to worry so much about placing the perfect words together. She loves playing the guitar as an outlet, though she is already so much fun to be around.

Rachael also enjoys writing poetry. “I realized that I enjoyed poetry,” she said. “It just made me able to vent out if I need to just  how I feel.” Rachael first started writing poetry through a streaming app called Spoon, this is when she realized she enjoyed it. They had late night poetry where they would give her challenges about things to write. She enjoys writing as another way to show how she really feels. 

Other than her hobbies, Rachael also has a best friend named Alexis. They have known each other since they were around six and are still close to each other to this day. They basically grew up together. They love hanging out together and she’s the closest person to her “that doesn’t include family.

Rachael chose Journalism as an elective  after a run-in with Heritage’s own Mr. Peace. He was the one who talked to her about joining after he learned of her love for writing. After she discovered that, along with writing, she would be able to be a part of the yearbook, Rachael thought she figured she’d give it a try.

Even though so many people go to this school, Rachael sure stands out as an inspiration for all those who want to pursue their dreams and really do what they enjoy. She stands for all of us in a way, a teenager trying to figure out what she enjoys doing in the crazy times of the twenty-first century.