Is Coming Back a Good Thing?


Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash

Ella Debity, Staff Writer

During the pandemic, school has been difficult for everyone. Doing work online is hard and time-consuming, so most kids don’t like doing it. Everything new that we have had to adjust to can be very stressful for everybody that has had to deal with it, whether they be teachers, students, or parents. Trying to juggle life and school is hard anyway, so school starting back may be what a lot of us need.

I think that going back to school for at least four days a week will help improve many students’ grades and make life less frantic. Being in a classroom with teachers and other kids every day will help us get answers quicker then we may get them by email. It’s difficult, obviously, for teachers to try to answer online questions while teaching their class at the same time, especially if they haven’t had much experience working with Google Classroom. Teenagers also don’t have that long of an attention span and sometimes need reminders to do their work and turn it in on time because we get distracted by other things.

Transfer kids will also benefit from going back. Some kids don’t know many other people at their school after a transfer and only being able to talk to half of the kids means only half the opportunities to meet new friends and build relationships. Meeting more people and building friendships will eventually lead new students to feeling more comfortable in the learning environment when they know that they have people that are there for them.

Plus, let’s be honest: when we are at home, we aren’t completely focused on learning. I know that I get distracted by my phone and the TV so much that it takes way longer to get my stuff done. Though I do get it done, it takes up a lot of time, and even though the amount of time is sometimes as long as a normal school day, I feel like I have to get it done quicker.

I know what you’re thinking. “Going back to school would mean I have to wear a mask all day.” Yes, but this is only for the safety of everyone working and learning, so that everyone can stay healthy. Masks can be a challenge to wear sometimes, but we need to keep in mind that if we want to see our friends and understand what we’re learning in class—unless you’re homeschooling—then this is the only way to do so.

Homeschooling, or digital learning, is still a good option if you are worried about the coronavirus. Staying at home can still be fun and you get to learn about all the same things. I personally would like to go back to school, but if anyone feels uncomfortable with doing so, it is perfectly fine to continue your online learning journey.

That said, staying at home can feel isolating. During this time, a lot of high schoolers just stay at home by themselves while their parents go to work. This can’t really be helped. Kids need social interaction and to talk to other people, otherwise they can feel left out or lonely. Seeing your friends can be a refresher after working hard and can feel like a reward for doing your work, and if we don’t reward ourselves, then we aren’t as motivated.

All in all, I think that going back to school provides students with a lot of good opportunities and can help kids grow more into themselves—as well as help their grades. Some kids don’t necessarily struggle in the grade department, but it will at least make doing schoolwork more fun. Talking to your friends, being able to ask your teachers questions, and so much more can come out of going back to five days a week. I’m very excited to see everybody I haven’t gotten to see in a long time and, as a freshman, really start my high school experience.