Competition Cheer Wrap-Up


Emily Vaughn, Staff Writer

Heritage High School’s cheerleaders have been through it all. In the midst of their Spirit Squad season this past fall, they endured a team quarantine, numerous game cancellations, and worst of all, their hope began to diminish as the once beaming Friday night lights faded into the night on that last football game. However, when the beginning of a new season of Competition Cheer emerged, the girls were ready to “take the floor.” From the outside, one may look in and ask, “What is the difference between Spirit Squad and Competition Cheer?” According to junior Layla Brown, “In Competition Cheer, you perform one routine, whereas with Spirit Squad you have a lot of smaller cheers.” Simply put, the atmosphere of the Competition Cheer season is the prime motivation for the cheerleaders. The competitiveness propelled them to make the most of the aggravating circumstances around them this year, and most of all restored the hope that was once tarnished during the Spirit Squad season. With the blood pumping through their veins, Heritage High School’s Competition Cheer team gave their all at every competition they attended. Beginning with the Sonoraville High School Competition, and ending with a competition on the state level, our very own HHS Comp. Cheer team brought home four first place finishes (Sonoraville, Calhoun, Pepperell, Dalton), a third place regional finish, and a fifth place state finish. Way to go, ladies! Though this season may not have been the most ideal, our competition cheerleaders made the most out of their season. According to junior Abby Scott, “Our season was extended by several months, and we were victims of several quarantines along the way.” As one can imagine, this made those first place finishes feel very victorious! Coach Meredith Burkett delightfully commented, “The girls overcame every obstacle thrown their way, and I could not be more proud of them.” The pandemic made this season difficult, but the girls finished out on top and made both their school and coaches proud! If that isn’t a successful season, I don’t know what is.