Journalism’s (Least) Favorites: Greatest Fears

Briley Simpson: 

When I was little, I used to love to go to the beach. Playing in the sand and boogie-boarding with my dad were things I waited all year to do. That was, until I understood what a shark was. A shark is a giant dolphin-looking fish with sharp teeth that eats you. I don’t exactly remember how this fear festered into reality, but it did.  Now, don’t try to tell me that getting attacked by a shark is unlikely, because I have seen “Soul Surfer,” and I will never watch it again. My phobia is so bad that I can’t be in a swimming pool by myself because I always think about what would happen if a shark swam through the filter. I’m not a fast swimmer so if one of those things came at me I’d be gone, done, dead. One summer my family went to a water park, and at this water park they had snorkeling. It wasn’t just regular snorkeling: it was snorkeling above sharks. I think I almost passed out, twice. I can’t watch “Jaws,” be in a large body of water by myself, or even look at them in the aquarium. They could break out, and I’m not going to be there when they do. 

Hailee Cicili: 

My greatest fear is the heart doctor. When I go every year, they have to do an ultrasound on my heart to see if it is still okay or if I have to go back on medication or not. While they did the ultrasound, looking at the screen very hard, the room was very dark and quiet. I could hear my own heartbeat. Thinking about what they’re gonna say could be bad or good. It’s normally always good, but it still gets scary. It will always be scary.

Gunner Bryson:  

My greatest fear is cockroaches.  The horrors of a cockroach completely fill me with dread every time I see one. From their disgusting bodies to their unpredictable movements, what is there not to hate about these creatures? The worst part about them is that they are everywhere. They could be in your bathrooms, attics, walls—anywhere that can’t be seen, a roach could be there. They are attracted to pretty much everything, and some species of roaches can even fly. My fear of cockroaches has always been there, but ever since my latest encounter with a roach, I’ve been having nightmares. I was sick and in my bed when all of sudden I heard something fall right next to me.  I quickly grabbed my flashlight and there it was, scuttling on the ground in a frantic way. I killed it, luckily, but at what cost? Everytime I see a roach and don’t do anything about it, I get paranoid. Hopefully one day, these vile creatures will cease to exist. 

Miles Clark: 

When I am older, married, and have children, my wife and kids are out of luck because there is no way I will get within ten feet of any spider. I ain’t getting near it. Like, I get it: it’s a guy’s job to kill the bugs in the house, but I don’t care. I would genuinely rather have eight snakes just slithering across my body then let one little spider crawl on me. I really don’t know why I’m afraid of them, but spiders should be eradicated. I bet there is some purpose they serve to the ecosystem, but I don’t care—kill them all. If I haven’t made it clear yet, I hate spiders, and I don’t think there are enough words to describe my true fear and hatred towards spiders.

Connor Richardson: 

My biggest fear would definitely have to be spiders. Spiders are the scariest creatures on this planet. There is no reason spiders should be able to run that fast, and be able to kill people. They also look super crazy, and menacing. Spiders can be anywhere at any time, and that is the scariest thing ever. The average person eats 52 spiders in their sleep during their lifetime, which doesn’t make me feel any better. Overall, spiders are just the worst creature ever.

Paige Johnson: 

My biggest fear is probably claustrophobia. I am not one to jump into a crowded elevator, or even a crowd in general. Not alone, at least. I don’t like the feeling of not being in control or feeling helpless. I don’t have much to say about my fear, because I try to stay out of situations like that as much as I can. I avoid elevators at all costs, and due to Covid I haven’t had to experience a super large crowd in a long time.  

Cade Stone: 

My biggest fear? Losing a finger or something similar. I recently cut my finger and couldn’t use my left hand for a week, and that was agony. It opens your eyes to how some people were born without it. I now have a new fear about accidentally getting my arm trapped in a baler and it getting chopped off, leaving me with one arm for the rest of my life. It may sound irrational as some people can go their whole life without cutting a finger nearly off, but to me it can happen. You know what else is irrational? Fears of insects (besides wasps because they are out for blood). Like spiders? What is a spider going to do? Bite you once and leave you with a small bump for a few days? Black widows are the only rational spider to fear. What about cockroaches? Easy. They make cockroach spray for a reason. Oceans? Even easier; wear goggles and look around to see no threats are near, or go to crystal-clear waters. Claustrophobia? Just grow up.