How Do HHS Teachers Spend Their Halloween?


Photo by Taylor Rooney on Unsplash

The Journalism staff asked some of Heritage’s teachers three questions for Halloween:

1. What are your plans for this spooky holiday?

2. What is your favorite Halloween candy?

3. What is your favorite Halloween movie?

Here are their responses.


Mr. Peace

“I’m working on building a haunted house. I’ve been getting a lot of spaghetti noodles, and I’m going to put those in a bowl. When they come through my house, I’m going to have people blindfolded, and then they’re going to put their hands in the spaghetti and think it’s brains. I’m also going to have some glow-in-the-dark liquids in my bath and some skeletons.”

“My favorite Halloween movie is probably the original ‘Black Christmas.'”  

“My favorite Halloween candy is probably Circus Peanuts.”

Mrs. Thatcher

“[This Halloween,] I am going to set up a haunted house in my garage and scare all the little children as they come to my neighborhood.”

“My favorite Halloween candy is absolutely candy corn. I love to stick it on my teeth and use it as fangs and walk around and scare all the little children of the village.”

“If I had to pick my favorite movie, I guess it would be ‘The Three Witches of Eastwick.’ It’s an old one, but it’s good.” 

Mr. Shipley

“I think my whole family may all dress up like the Wizard of Oz. And we will probably march around the neighborhood and grab some candy.””

“Any candy? Any candy bar? I would say Reese’s Cups [are my favorite].”  

“I guess I like the Wizard of Oz.”

Ms. Oliver

“[For Halloween,] I’m going to dress up as movie and TV characters with some of my friends, and we’re going to hang out at one of their houses.” [Editor’s note: Mrs. Oliver is going to dress up as Lilo.]

“My favorite Halloween candy is mini Reese’s cups, for sure.”

“‘Hocus Pocus’ is the best Halloween movie, hands down.”

Mrs. Shoelen

This Halloween, Mrs. Shoelen, and her husband will be dressing up as Dalmatians, and driving their daughter around Ringgold trick-or-treating. Mrs. Shoelen loves this time of year. Her favorite Halloween candy is reece’s cups. Every year, Mrs. Shoelen likes to watch the Casper movies with her family.

Mrs. Lann

“I plan on just hanging out at the house and passing out candy [this Halloween].”

“I don’t really watch movies over and over again . . . I’ve watched a lot of Halloween movies, but I don’t have a favorite that I’ve watched over and over.”

“My favorite Halloween candy is Twizzlers.”

Mrs. Lewis

“We do a trunk or treat in our church, so I will be helping with that before Halloween and then we give out candy.”

“‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ is my favorite Halloween movie.”

“Snickers or Butterfingers are my favorite [Halloween candy]. Anything peanut butter and chocolate, really.”

Mr. Wynne

“We usually do a trunk or treat at church, which always starts off the season! We carve Jack O’ Lanterns and what not. We decorate the house; my daughter likes to go a bit overboard with the spider web stuff, and it stays there for like 6 months. We usually play music, dress up and trick or treat in our neighborhood. We have a campfire in the yard, and then we go eat with my parents. After that my dad usually gives the kids a hay ride, and I jump out and try to scare them. Nothing too exciting at the Wynne house.”

When Mr. Wynne isn’t attempting to clean off the spider webs off his house, he watches his favorite Halloween movie, “Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin,” while eating his favorite candy: anything chocolate.