The Journalism Staff Reviews Halloween

Briley Simpson:

Every year for Halloween my friends and I strive to have great costumes, so we plan it out a whole year in advance. This year we decided to do Scooby Doo. It’s classic. It’s cute. It’s what everyone dressed up like this year. It’s okay though because we like to think we thought of it first. Anyways, we went to my friend Allie’s house to hang out. We carved pumpkins, watched the live action Scooby Doo movie (which is superior), and sang karaoke. We also played a pretty epic game of hide and go seek. It was nice just to hang out with friends and dress up. We still got a lot of candy even though we didn’t actually go trick or treating. It definitely was a fun and different Halloween even though it was a Sunday, which is probably the worst day for Halloween to be on. You eat so much candy and usually stay up pretty late, which we did, only to find yourself waking up at six in morning for school. Oh well. It was totally worth it, and I can’t wait for next year. We are already thinking of costume ideas!

Gunner Bryson:

Halloween this year was very boring, at least for me. I stayed in my house and played video games mostly, except for when I went to my grandparent’s house. The trek to my grandparents’ house was unmatched. There were people everywhere, the horrors of which were unmatched by anything I had ever seen. After fighting my way through crowds of candy-hungry children and adults, I made it to my grandparent’s house, which had been overrun by people. My grandparents had attracted the biggest hoard of all and by doing so sealed their fate as another casualty in the pursuit of candy. I barely got out of there with my life and got back to my house. Once back, I made myself some hot chocolate and went back to playing video games. Overall: a pretty boring night. 

Connor Richardson: 

This year I started off my Halloween by going to church. After service, I went to volunteer with the kids ministry. My friend didn’t show up to church, so I went to check on him after church. Then we both went to Waffle House.  After we went to Waffle House, I went back to church for a costume contest and hung out there until about 6:30. I kinda just put on a mullet wig, a flannel shirt, and some jorts. After the costume party, I went to my friend’s house with all my other friends. We hung out and had a bonfire until about 10:30 when I went home. 

Paige Johnson:

This Halloween, I went trick or treating! This year, I went out with Kortney and Zandy, and we dressed up as fairies. Kortney spent all weekend making us fairy wings out of wire hangers and floral wire! They turned out so good! The three of us all decided to be different colored fairies. I went as a purple fairy, Zandy a red one, and Kortney a green one. We didn’t get out to start trick or treating until 8 P.M. We didn’t stay out very long, probably not even an hour, because so many of the houses were not giving out candy. Since trick or treating didn’t go the way we had planned, we decided to stop by a friend’s house to hang out for a bit. We went there and sat around a fire until it burned out nearly five minutes after we arrived. We then left our friend’s house and went back to Zandy’s for a sleepover!

Cade Stone:

Halloween, to me, was just another day. I worked that day from 2:30-10:30 at the great Publix. We got to dress up, but it was with heavy restrictions. I went as Batman.