Georgia King is a Queen

Sophia Isler, Staff Writer

Georgia King is currently a freshman at HHS and has just started her second semester. Even though she just started high school a couple of months ago, she has already managed to get involved in HOSA and FFA. FFA has been something Georgia has been doing since she was in middle school. “I first learned about it through a close friend and ever since then I’ve fallen in love with it.” She enjoys it because it introduced her to Vet Science. The first competition she competed in, to no surprise, was Vet Science, and the next one was Floral Culture. Although she started FFA early, she signed up for HOSA her first semester of high school. Even though she just started it, it’s clear that she’s passionate about it and loves working with the other members. She doesn’t have many close friends in HOSA, however she does enjoy her time in FFA partly because of her close friend Kylie Campbell. 

Even when there’s a lot of ambition, everyone has to have support in their life. “Honestly, there are so many people who have impacted my life in good and bad ways. But if I had to pick [who have impacted me the most], it would 100% be my mom and dad.”  Georgia’s parents have always helped her no matter what the task is. Even with something as simple as a math problem, they’re there to help. She looks up to them as much as a kid can look up to their parents. Her mom is strict but supportive of the activities she partakes in; her dad is more lenient but also supportive. Georgia is very similar-looking to her parents. That said, she is very different than them. Her personality is more like her mom’s rather than her dad’s. Her mom is more introverted while her dad is very outgoing. A difference between her and her mom is that Georgia is more visual while her mom is analytical: for instance, she enjoys puzzles while Georgia finds it too complicated.

However, even ambitious people have their dislikes. “My least favorite class would have to be Math. I honestly can’t stand it; all aspects of it stress me out.” It’s no surprise that she doesn’t like math, not a lot of people do. Instead of Math, she prefers her two favorite classes, Journalism and Art. “It’s honestly too hard to pick between both of them.” She enjoys the freedom of the classes and the topics she’s given in both of them. Georgia is a person who enjoys simple or complicated art, whether it be paintings or books.

Even though she has simple hobbies, that doesn’t mean she has simple dreams. Georgia is easily defined as a hard-working person, and there’s no doubt she will work as hard as she can to have her dream career.  “I have a relative idea of what I want to be. It’s between being a veterinarian or someone in the medical field,” Georgia said. Everyone knows that going into a medicine-filled career is no easy task, and you have to work hard in your studies in order to even qualify for one of those jobs, but Georgia is up for the challenge. She plans to either attend Berry or UGA for college to help her reach her goal because they both have really good medical programs she feels will help improve her future. Even though she’s still young, she already knows what to do with her life. That in itself is a big achievement. There’s no doubt that Georgia King will become something great.