Get to Know Sophia Isler

Georgia King, Staff Writer

Sophia Isler is currently a sophomore at Heritage High School who enjoys spending her time reading fantasy-themed books, baking macarons, or doing any form of art like painting on canvases or painting on mason jars. When Sophia paints, she prefers to paint landscape, and her favorite thing to draw is clouds. 

Sophia is currently taking Honors Geometry and Biology. Sophia said, “My favorite class would have to be Geometry. I like it simply because I find every math problem like a little puzzle.” Sophia may be fond of Math, but World History is a different story. “Oh, God, World History is so boring,” she said. “I don’t see how people like it.” Another thing Sophia can’t stand is egotistical people. She said, “I hate it when [people] are egotistical and selfish because it shows they only care for themselves and choose to focus on themselves rather than others.” There is only one particular bird exempt from being egotistical, and that would be Hedwig, Sophia’s pet bird. She says that he’s very attention-seeking; Sophia even said that one time he attacked her Nintendo Switch because she didn’t look at him. Even if her Nintendo Switch has undergone some damage, thanks to Hedwig, Sophia still enjoys playing video games; some games she enjoys are “Let’s Go Eevee,” “Zelda: Breath of the Wild,” “Animal Crossing,” and “Minecraft.”  

Sophia has always respected her mom. She said, “Someone who really inspires me is my mom. She, from a very young age, was a single mom. She ended up going to nursing school. So the fact that she was able to do that, on her own, helps to make me determined to make my life meaningful.” Sophia considers her mom’s journey to be her driving force to do well in school.

Sophia is the embodiment of a hardworking student. Sophia continues her studies and relaxes with her friends during lunch.