HHS Winter Guard Begins Season with 1st Place Victory


Natalie Ferry, Staff Writer

Last Saturday, the HHS Winter Guard left Creek View High School this past weekend with a 1st place victory and a new challenge to start off the rest of the season. The team was moved up from their current class (Scholastic Regional A) to the next class up. With a score of 71.64, they dominated their class. 

“Our show is kind of not complete yet, so we started off in Scholastic Regional A. This is where I felt our skill level was. But apparently they decided that we can be promoted to the next class, so we’re gonna have to raise the bar a little bit,” Coach Taylor said. “If they continue to work how they are currently, we will absolutely do well [in this new class].” 

The girls, and Anderson Sasada, have been performing “How to Save a Life” with an overlay of “Do Not Stand at My Grave and Weep,” a poem by Mary E. Frye. With this more serious show, the team has been stunning the crowd with their choreography and pizazz.  “We have this really super cool section right before our flag hit, where the girls are kind of like moving around each other,” exclaimed Mrs. Taylor. “There’s this point where they all hit this 45 together, and it was just spot on.” That part of the show hadn’t been clean until the competition, and she felt it was just magical watching it come together while competing. 

With their hard work and great show, the winter guard has been pumped up about competing more. Not only was this competition fun, but the other teams competing in it were too. “The team sitting beside us was actually really fun because they got up and started doing their, like, pre-show warm up and stuff like that. It was like a dance, and they were ‘Y’all can join if you want to.’ So I got up and started dancing,” said Haley Wyer, as her smile grew.

With competition season just starting, you will have many chances to see this amazing team. Their next competition, for instance, is at Cass High School next Saturday, February 12th. However, if you want to watch the Winter Guard perform specifically at Heritage they will be having a showcase on the 24th of March at 6pm. For 5$, you can see our Winter Guard and support the music program at KBCMI in Nicaragua.