Enjoy a Meal at HHS Café


Sophia Isler, Staff Writer

Here at HHS, we have a new program called “HHS Café.” This café is run by Mrs. Trentham and her students. This wonderful new program is used to help prepare her students to have a smooth transition into adult life. That is the ultimate goal: the task of living independently. This program helps teach the students how to prepare meals and increase their opportunities to do so. 

Trentham’s students are starting off with simple recipes and slowly moving onto more complicated ones to improve their skills—slowly but surely. “The idea is to give all of the students an opportunity to learn to cook a variety of meals for themselves at home,” said Trentham. There is a certain rotation theses students have. For example, the students that stayed back the first week in January will stay back a few weeks later. Whatever recipe is being made that week may be a duplicate recipe for other students, but it will be new to the January students. The class’s favorite dish to cook is easily pizza. “If they could have anything in the world, it’d be pizza every day,” noted Trentham. 

The café helps both the teachers and students. The teachers just have to fill out an order form by Wednesday, along with make the payment, and they will receive food prepared by Mrs. Trentham’s class on Friday. The class can do delivery or the teacher can go pick up their order; it all depends on thee teacher’s situation and whether or not they have duty or tutoring. 

HHS Café isn’t the only thing that the class does to transition into adult hood. “They learn to read recipes, count money, manage chores, and complete a variety of daily living tasks every day,” remarked Trentham. 

This HHS Café is an exciting new opportunity that these students look forward to. As stated before, it is both beneficial to the teachers and students. It helps with their daily life, as well as others. This wonderful program run by Mrs. Trentham has helped many students—and teachers too, no doubt—and it will hopefully continue to do so for many more years to come.