Fantastic Freshman Fashion

Natalie Ferry, Staff Writer

What are you wearing?

Who are you wearing?

These questions, asked since the beginning of time, have led fashion to what we know of it today. Heritage’s freshmen have answers for these questions—and more. 

N. Ferry

Lanie Keith is trendy. She is a girl who has made her own style based on what’s new and what she likes. Whether she’s wearing her white Air Force 1s or a vintage-inspired sweater, Lanie knows what looks good. “I think my friends have really influenced my style. TikTok has too,” she said. Those influences have evolved and changed her style and how she dresses today. “I used to not know how to dress myself and I just wore clashing clothing,” she continued. If she had more money, she “would wear gowns every single day”, but until she does Lanie shops at American Eagle, Urban Outfitters, Hollister, and Altered State for her clothes. 

N. Ferry

Taylor Wade’s style has a way of making your head turn. Her vintage looks are well put-together, and their details show just how much time she puts into them. If you want to dress like Taylor, it may not be as hard as you think.  “A lot of my clothes come from my dad, but I [also] do a lot of online shopping,” she said. Taylor has had a lot of time to cultivate her style though. During Covid, she was able to find what she really wanted to wear and what fit her. In the end, Taylor knows what she is doing and how she wants to look.

N. Ferry

Some days she dresses up, and some days she is just comfy. Georgia King doesn’t really wear things that “stand out,” but she shines in her own stylish way. “[I get my clothes from] a mix between H&M and Altered State,” she started. “I also get my jewelry from a website called Romwe.” Georgia usually just shops at places that look cool, but what she buys is mostly based on her fashion influences. “I feel like my peers have a big impact on what I wear, especially since kind of not fitting in is a fear sometimes.” No matter what she wears, Georgia’s style seems to just glow. 

N. Ferry

Noah Pierce may not seem like a guy interested in fashion, but if you were to ask him about his clothes you would be surprised. Inspired by celebrities like Kanye West and his close friends, Noah can usually be found wearing a “southern street style” (as he calls it). “I mainly get my clothes from American Eagle Hollister and sometimes Nike,” he explained. If he had the option, he would wear designer shoes, glaring statement pieces, and a lot of bling. Maybe one day he’ll be wearing exceptionally expensive clothing to school, but until then his current stuff works just fine. 

Our freshmen sure do know how to dress. They have the most important questions in life answered while only being 14 and 15. Hopefully next year’s freshmen will be as stylish or more than the class of 2025.