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Robert Morris

Robert Morris, Staff Writer

Robert Shields Morris loves to work. He works hard for a few reasons; those reasons are to represent his family. He represents them as best as he can with his given situation. He's in the process of learning everyday life, just like everyone else his age. Nothing comes natural to anyone in his family, and we all have to learn somewhere. He has a few hobbies, and anything to do with cars is an obsession, at the least. He plans to find a job and make a career around them. A few other hobbies, such as video games and lifting weights, take part in his life as well. He does these things to have a wider variety of things to do in life, so he's not stuck doing the same thing day in and day out. He also does them to help relieve stress. It's nice knowing that you can go somewhere and feel a little bit better when you leave.

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Robert Morris