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New Journalism Students Share the Moments that Defined Their Summer Break

Inebriated Man Bombards Innocent Young Worker

by Kaya Bradford

At the CHI Memorial Stadium, work turned into a nightmare for an innocent worker just trying to do her job. Kaya Bradford was a youthful new hire at the CHI Memorial Stadium. People describe her as “awesome” and “the coolest person they’ve ever met.” To everyone’s shock, an agitated man in a drunken haze appeared onto the stadium grounds and hounded the new hire. Kaya was working ticketing at the front gates with a sense of determination when the customer approached her with a loud and demanding voice, swarming the juvenile with questions about “Scanning an I.D.” The girl tried desperately to calm the delirious man and explain how ticketing vs. I.D check worked, and where the male needed to go, but the frenzied individual continued with his roaring words. What made this position worse on the junior employee was the fact that this was her first day. After Kaya braved the intense wave of fury escaping the villainous shell of a man, he stomped away. The crowd that had gathered around the horrendous scene went insane. 

Kaya described the entire situation as  “genuinely one of the worst things I’ve ever experienced.” She also added, “I was terrified. I saw my life flash before my eyes when he approached me. I thought I was going to die.” When asked what she learned from this experience, she said “If I could teach the public one thing, it would be to listen to us when we tell you that isn’t our job. If you don’t listen, we can’t help you.” Despite the grueling experience, the girl was able to finish her shift in its entirety.

E. Carpenter


Teenager Loses Peanut Butter Jar Lid Underneath Oven 

By Emmah Carpenter

One day during the summer of 2023, at an unspecified time, a teenage girl named Emmah Carpenter reported having dropped a peanut butter jar lid underneath her stove in her house. 

“I just wanted a sandwich, so I went to the kitchen to fix up the most stunning peanut butter sandwich I ever saw,” Emmah said. “I never thought something like this would happen to me; you see it on the news but never expect it to happen to you too.” Emmah claimed that when she went to the kitchen, she grabbed the peanut butter and bread and put it on the counter right beside the oven. The unaware teenager opened the peanut butter and set the lid at the end of the counter. “I realized I had forgotten a butter knife to spread the peanut butter,” she said. And that is when tragedy broke out, something no one would have ever expected.

When Emmah walked away from the sandwich, the lid to the peanut butter fell off the counter and landed right beside the oven. “When I got the knife, I quickly went to get the lid, but I was moving too fast.” Emmah said that she accidently kicked the lid, causing the lid to slide underneath the oven. The girl panicked, hoping she could reach the lid. “When I reached for it, it was too far under.” The lid was, in fact, stuck! She would never be able to get the lid and put it back on the peanut butter that sat on the counter. “I didn’t know what to do, so I called my mother,” she said. When the girl’s mother answered the phone, Emmah explained what had happened to her. “Its not that deep; we’ll get it,” Emmah’s mother explained. The girl explained that it was indeed that deep and that she needed to cover the peanut butter lid.

“My mother said she would be home in 15 minutes,” Emmah said.  Once Emmah’s mother returned home, the girl was still panicking. Her mother placed a hand on her shoulder and told her, “It really isn’t that deep.” The youthful person’s mother grabbed the broom and put it underneath the oven, easily pushing the lid out from under the oven. Emmah quickly grabbed the lid and rushed to the bathroom to clean it. Once cleaned, she returned to the kitchen and placed it on the jar and twisting it tightly onto the jar. The teenager had done it! “I was just glad I would be able to make another sandwich,” Emmah said. Emmah returned the sandwich bread and peanut butter to their original spot and ate her beautiful peanut butter sandwich while heading off to her room. Emmah now knows to be more careful to not to put things too close to the edge of the counter. 


S. Cordle

Southern Juvenile “Traumatized” by the Quality of Floridian Sweet Tea

by Spencer Cordle

Spencer Cordle, a local high schooler, shocked media outlets with a “horrifying” story of low-quality sweet tea down in Florida, sending many tourists and residents alike into widespread panic.

This past June, local teenager Spencer Cordle visited Florida with the family. He was accompanied by his siblings, mother, and cousin, who were all ecstatic to be visiting the state. After a lengthy car ride and a trip to their hotel, they decided to make a venture for food and drinks. They traveled to a local restaurant and impatiently awaited their food. Spencer ordered sweet tea and BBQ wings. He said, “I was so hungry. I could not wait for that sweet, sweet tea and those yummy wings.” He had been drinking sweet tea his whole life and had an immense appreciation for it, as well as a great deal of pride in the Southern staple. He also stated that he “can not stand poorly made sweet tea. It enrages me.”

Eventually, they received their food, and when Spencer took the first sip of his sweet tea, he immediately knew something was up. He reported that it was disgusting, not tasting like proper sweet tea at all. However, he still needed something to drink, so he reluctantly drank it alongside his meal. Unfortunately for him, the horror didn’t stop there. Later that very day they went out for dinner, and he made the mistake of ordering sweet tea again. “I really thought it would be better that time, that it was just the one place,” he said. He announced that the tea at this establishment was worse than that of the previous one. He didn’t recover from these occurrences, telling anyone who would listen about the horrid quality of the beverages. “It was kind of annoying, but I felt bad so I let him keep talking,” his mother said when asked about the incident.

The next morning, just before they left to return home, they stopped by Waffle House, another Southern staple and a lifelong love of Spencer’s. He reported being extremely excited, having loved Waffle House his whole life but only being able to have it on occasion. “I was so excited, I was practically flappin’ in my flops!” he said. When he received his food (a waffle with a side of hashbrowns and chili if you were wondering) he was “jumping for joy.” However, the delight was quickly extinguished when he took a sip of the tea he had foolishly ordered and realized it was just as disgusting as the drinks from the previous restaurants. He said this about the overall experience: “I have yet to recover. I have nightmares about the dirt-flavored water with salt in it every single night. I haven’t slept properly in months.” His family assisted him in the healing process but he has reported zero progress. His mother said, “I’ve been making him sweet tea the right way since the event, but he’s still perturbed and offended because of the disrespect we experienced.”


Teenage Girl Almost Burned Alive Due To Sabotaged Camping Trip 

by Aubrey Fitzpatrick

On May 23rd, 2023, around 3:45 am, teenager Aubrey Fitzpatrick experienced a near-death experience on a fiery, family camping trip due to a broken lantern.

Aubrey, her older brother Cole, and her father Chris went on a family camping trip in the middle of Alabama this past summer. Nobody expected this “blazing surprise.” “Waking up, I realized I was abandoned, alone in a dark camper,” Aubrey said. “I knew something was off.” After she frantically looked around and tried getting on her phone to call her Dad, she soon realized the battery was only at 3%, and there was no service. She thought this was the end, but after hearing distant footsteps she cried out for help.

Aubrey’s brother Cole was outside wandering around, but after hearing Aubrey’s yell for help he bolted to the camper, seeing the shattered glass from the recently lit lantern all over the ground, then seeing the fire on the side of the camper spreading rapidly. Cole was in a panic, throwing the door open. He saw his little sister sitting in the dark, alone. “Not seeing my Dad anywhere and my sisters sitting alone, helpless, made me uneasy,” Cole said.

He grabbed his sister and quickly carried her out of the burning camper. As he was passing the side of the camper, he quickly realized the fire had doubled in size. Cole learned that the huge fire started from the flame from broken lantern spreading to the wooden beam on the side of the camper. “After seeing the huge fire spreading into my camper I realized that could have been the end,” Aubrey said. After the near-death experience of a camping trip, Aubrey realized how thankful she was for her older brother, Cole. And she was also very relieved that she didn’t burn to death her first time camping.


I. Grant

Dolly Parton Saves a Terrified Boy from Swarm of Wasps and a Cactus 

by Ian Grant

Two days ago in Summerville, Georgia, fourteen-year-old Ian Grant almost died after being stung by a wasp. It was around one in the afternoon when Ian’s mother gave him the very hard task of planting a rare one of twenty Dolly Parton cactus seeds, and the boy was very nervous. When about to start planting, he stated in his interview that a storm of wasps attacked him in his backyard! “I was getting the dirt ready; I was sweating tons off of my eyebrows. I was very scared, and I knew the wasps were evil, and that Dolly would be disappointed.” As the boy tried to escape the potential crime scene, he fell into the cactus! “When I fell into the cactus, I felt the needles poke deep into my skin, “he said. “I didn’t have to look, I knew I was pouring blood. I heard the wasps getting closer, about to invade my personal space bubble. I felt sting after sting, and I felt the swelling forming like a balloon around my left ankle.” Grant also claimed that he knew everything was over, and, without hope, the traumatized fourteen-year-old decided to take a nap. 

Nearly two hours after the fatal cactus attack, Grant woke up. To his amazement, he claimed that Dolly Parton was “standing on my roof, with a sword.” The boy also stated, “She jumped down from the roof and to my rescue. She killed every single bee with her sword. When she finally got to me, she aggressively pulled the relentless cactus away from my flesh.” Finally, Dolly stated, “When I saved the young boy, I told him I knew he couldn’t do it, that I had the Dolly Senses that something was wrong.” The mother of the stunned young boy said, “I never thought anyone would have such a hard time planting a cactus, and why did he take a nap?” 




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About the Contributors
Kaya Bradford, Staff Writer
Kaya Bradford is a freshmen student attending Heritage High School. This is her first year of Journalism, and so far it has been her favorite class to attend. In Kaya’s spare time, she enjoys listening to (a LOT) of music, including Tokio Hotel, Radiohead, Baby Keem, She Wants Revenge, Kendrick Lamar, and many other artists from varying genres. She also enjoys reading, writing, drawing, and some other various creative outlets. Kaya also loves spending time with animals, including her cat “Baby-Cat,” who was originally a stray but is now a proper housecat. One thing Kaya wants to do one day is attend a Tokio Hotel concert or a Radiohead concert. She also enjoys quite a few movies and shows, including "New Girl," "Criminal Minds," "Heathers," "Tokio Hotel TV," and all of the "Harry Potter" movies, though she says "Goblet Of Fire" is the best one. Kaya’s favorite books include "Lord Of The Flies," "One Of Us Is Lying," "Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire," and "IT."  Kaya also enjoys comedians and Youtubers Kurtis Conner, Danny Gonzalez, and the Sturniolo Triplets. Most of all, Kaya enjoys spending time with her friends and family. 
Emmah Carpenter, Staff Writer
Emmah Carpenter is a 14-year -old freshman at Heritage High School this year. This is Emmah’s first time in Journalism. She is kind of nervous but happy to be in Journalism. In Emmah’s free time, she likes to draw, play video games, and hang out with her friends after school. She also has two pet cats named Venus and Bastet, whom she named herself. Her cat Venus is a small "Tuxedo Cat" that is less than two years old; her other cat Bastet is a Siamese kitten, who is only a few months old. Emmah’s favorite book is "The Outsiders," which she brings to school every day. Her favorite animals are the red panda, raccoons, and cats. Emmah is a nervous person who tends to stay quiet, but she can be talkative once you get to know her. Emmah’s interests consist of "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles," "Bungo Stray Dogs," animals, cryptids, the paranormal, true crime, and art. She practices her art every day. Her anxiety holds her back, but she tries her hardest to get around it. Emmah is planning a trip to Salam, Massachusetts this spring. She is excited for her trip and for the rest of her time in Journalism.
Spencer Cordle, Staff Writer
Spencer Cordle is a 14-year-old student at Heritage High School. He is a part of the General Journal staff but is looking for new clubs to join. He loves all things related to art, music, and cooking. He can always be found listening to music, drawing, or hanging out with his friends. His current favorite band is Insane Clown Posse, but he also loves early 2000s pop. He listens to music all the time and can’t hear people when they talk because of it. He also loves to cook, bake, and watch cooking shows to yell at the contestants, even though he isn’t much better himself. Outside of his hobbies, he also loves to hang out with and help people however he can. He always tries to be there for his friends and family, even if he can’t help much. Family is very important to Spencer, and they are his top priority. He has two brothers and a sister, and he is the oldest of them all. He is very excited to be part of "The Legacy" and cannot wait to see what his freshman year will bring.
Aubrey Fitzpatrick, Staff Writer

Aubrey Fitzpatrick is a 14-year-old freshman at Heritage High School. She is very excited to be a new Journalism student. Outside of school, Aubrey loves hanging out with friends, meeting new people, and socializing. One of the main reasons Aubrey enjoys going to school is the social aspect of it. Aubrey wants to focus on getting a job in the medical field; she hopes to be an anesthesiologist. She wants to go to UGA to major in Pre-Med or Science to give her a start for her career. Aubrey also enjoys going on family road trips or just staying at home to hang out with her family. Aubrey has three older step-siblings and two older brothers. Some of Aubrey's favorite memories in Journalism so far have been taking pictures around the school with her friends. Getting more involved with the school always makes her happy, and she enjoys Journalism because of the amazing people she has met in the class and the experiences that it brings her.

Ian Grant, Staff Writer
Ian Grant is a 14-year-old freshman at Heritage High School. Ian is very ambitious and loves the fact that he’s part of working on "The Legacy." Ian loves to spend time with his family and friends outside of school. He enjoys hiking, playing golf, and getting attacked by his cat, Survivor. He’s very passionate about sports: he especially loves the Atlanta Falcons a lot. He’s always watching practices, preseason games, and everything related to the team. In basketball, he strongly supports the Golden State Warriors. Even though no one in his family likes basketball, he still tunes into every game he can. The freshman also keeps up with every update on team moves and essential things he needs to know. In baseball, he enjoys supporting The New York Yankees. Although he’s just recently started caring about baseball, he likes the Yankees because of the history, the players, and most of all the uniforms. Outside of the sports realm, in school Ian likes to claim himself good at Language Arts but very bad at math. A nickname he came up for himself is “The King of Random Questions." For entertainment, Ian loves "The Office," along with the "Star Wars" trilogy. He strongly supports the fact that the sequels are better than the originals and the fact that Anakin Skywalker is the best character, not Darth Vader. Ian is always thinking about his future and what’s waiting for him. Also, no matter what happens, the Lord is always with you.
Shalaya Williams, Staff Writer
Shalaya Williams is a 16-year-old junior new to Heritage High School and the Journalism staff. She is looking forward to trying new things this year. Shalaya was a part of the Adairsville High School Basketball Cheerleading squad and the Theater department helping design sets of plays. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, listening to music, drawing, and hanging out with friends. Some of her favorite music artists are Chase Atlantic, Arctic Monkeys, Lil Peep, Lana Del Rey, The Neighborhood, and $uicideboy$, along with many other amazing artists. Her favorite kind of books are Romance, and some of her favorite books are "Icebreakers" by Hanna Grace, "The Cat and Mouse Duet" by H.D Carrlton, and a new series she started, the "Never After" series. When she's not reading, she enjoys spending most of her time with her friends from Adairsville on the weekends and is looking forward to going to haunted houses, fairs, and many other things this year. When Shalaya graduates, she plans on turning her art into tattooing or writing her own books. She is very creative and can't wait to see what her future brings her!