Celena Smith, Staff Writer

This week at Heritage High School, Mrs. Jennifer Hamilton announced that she would be hosting literary trio try-outs. The try-outs are December 1 and December 2, 2016. There is a signup sheet located outside her room (1465). She is welcoming everyone to the tryouts and would love to see people that aren’t in chorus participating. Also, outside of her room is a paper with a list of things for which you can try out. Sadly, during this week she is only doing trio group tryouts, but after returning from this Christmas break, she is hosting the quartet tryouts. Mr. Kevin Trobaugh and Mrs. Hamilton have not decided a date for the solo tryouts but they will definitely have them before Christmas. The tryouts will be during lunch, but will be completely closed and located in the theater. Mrs. Hamilton suggested that anyone trying out should bring their lunches just in case she needs you in there during the whole time. Also, all the information about the tryouts is located on Google Classroom. “They are more than welcome to go on Google Classroom and listen to the parts they are trying out for so they know what to practice,” Mrs. Hamilton advised. The code for getting to all of the information is 984s7ci. Mrs. Hamilton is hosting the trio groups by herself so she can listen to all three of the people to see how they sound together. Mr. Trobaugh and she will have a panel of judges for the solo auditions. She is hoping for a pretty great turnout and hoping a lot of people will not be scared to come try out.