Shalee Thompson, Staff Writer

With decent expectation hoping that I would actually like a new song genre, other than the genre I prefer which is Christian worship, that didn’t really occur to me while listening to the song “Go off,” by Lil Uzi Vert. The song started off with a pleasurable beat, and an excitable amount of energy; however, when Lil Uzi Vert started singing it was as if he was trying to sing the song while gargling water. I had a extremely hard time trying to figure out what the lyrics actually were, I mean the only lyrics I got from the song was “I’ma go off (yeah) I’ma ride tonight (yeah),” which is kind of self explanatory, considering that’s the title of the song.

Although I did enjoy how the song sounded, I didn’t really like the song itself, or should I say it’s just not the song for me. Preferably, this song would sound a heck of a lot better if he sang it under water, because it would even out his gurgling sensation he has going on. This song could use some help… it just wasn’t interesting or entertaining. Also, I found myself using my talent called “selective hearing,” and let’s just say that I used that talent to the best of my ability.

This song I will encourage you to listen to, if you have an ear for this genre of music. This was majorly different from what I use to listening to, and it made me want to completely turn off the “Go Off.”