K. Lee & T. Kalick

Katie Lee, Staff Writer

Each year, Heritage has a select group of talented and gifted students attend the regional and most of the time state literary competition and each year they do very well and make their school proud. This year the literary team consisted of Erin Lord, Lillyann York, Hailey Bilbra, Logan Knight, Kyle Hullander, Owen Peterson, Evan Jackson, Melissa Simmons, Henry Tollett, Bryce Critchfield, Hannah Roberts, Christian Sawyer, Connor Harlan, Terri Minor, Grace James, and Emily Padgett. They went for various categories such as such as girls’ trio, solo, boys’ quartet, extemporaneous speaking, essay, and interpretation. At the regional meet on March 3, Heritage had seven students win first place and qualify for the state competition. Heritage actually won the region championship. The qualifiers were the girls’ trio, girls’ solo, domestic extemporaneous speaking, and dramatic interpretation. The rest of the team members either scored second or third place in their categories. On March 18 the first place winners traveled to the state literary meet that was sponsored by the Georgia High School Association, and did very well. Freshman Melissa Simmons–you might know her as Mother Superior from “Sister Act”– got second place in girls’ solo and Hailey Bilbra, Erin Lord, and Lillyann York received the third place slot in girls’ trio. This is a pretty big deal because these students had to compete against the all the region finalists in the whole state of Georgia. Mrs. Hamilton, the chorus teacher here at HHS, helped coach the trio, quartet, and soloists and she was thrilled that her students came out on top once again at the literary meet.